Get a New cell Number, or Transfer Your Current Mobile Number

1. Bring your Phone (and your number)

Bring your own phone or buy a new phone. Any GSM unlocked phone device will work with our plans. It could be a smart phone or a basic phone. Find out what is the SIM card size for your phone. Keep your cell phone number? No problem! Just bring it too and we will transfer it to the plan you choose.

2. Pick your Plan

Pick one of our flexible plans which fit your lifestyle and you'll be saving money in no time. All of the plans has no contract, no hidden charge or fee, and all taxes and fees are included.
Choose a Plan Choose By Country

3. Checkout

Add plan(s), select the right size SIM card (Mini, Micro or Nano), and make the payment, then we will mail you your new SIM Card. Free Shipping! Do not know what is SIM card size? No problem, just tell us your phone model number when you setup your activation after the check out.

4. Activate

Free Activation!You have unlimited chances to pick up your activation (or transfer) date to best fit your need on our website before your line is activated/transferred. If you bring your number, then tell us your current account information. Insert the new SIM Card into your phone and enjoy the saving and service!

No Contract, No Hidden Fee, What You See is What You Get

  • No Contract to sign
  • No hidden fee to pay
  • All Taxes and fees are included
  • Free Shipping

Unlimited Free International Minutes, Call Directly

  • Call Directly, No Access Number, No PIN, No Further Steps
  • Call over 40 countries free, with unlimited minutes
  • Call over 40 countries free with 1000 minutes

Use Your Own Phone, Bring Your Own Phone Number

  • Bring your own phone (Requirement: GSM Unlocked)
  • Bring your own phone number, or get a new cell phone number
  • Your Phone + Our SIM = Savings at 4G Speeds is an eCallChina website, 15 years dedicated in prepaid calling business. Phone: 775-450-6560; Email: