International Long Distance Calling Rate Table for the 30 Unlimited Plan

The rate table displays the rates for the international long distance calls directly from your cell phone. The minutes in the table are calculated by the Call Anywhere Credit in the plan with the rate.

If you have any question, please check the FAQ about the minutes and rates.

Rate Table for the 30 Unlimited Plan

Does the 1000 minute limit apply to each country I call or all countries I call?

The limit applies to all countries that you call. Calling 500 minutes to China, 250 to Singapore, and 250 to Canada would use up your 0 cent rate the same way that calling 1000 minutes to China would.

The currency is US dollar. For example, 5¢ means 5 USD cent per minute.
Destination Landline Minutes Landline Rate Mobile Minute Mobile Rate
Andorra unlimited 7.4¢ 16 62.4¢
Argentina unlimited 33 30.1¢ is an eCallChina website, 15 years dedicated in prepaid calling business. Phone: 775-450-6560; Email: